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How to create a wallet using MeetDapper.com

MeetDapper.com offers a secure and free to use smart contract wallet as a browser addon on Google Chrome. Follow the steps below to create one using Dapper.

Warning: Stay away from phishing sites that replicate MeetDapper.com! Make sure that the URL begins with https:// and check the correct spelling.

Step 1: Download Dapper

Go to https://www.meetdapper.com/install-chrome-extension, click Add to Chrome and wait for the install to finish.

If you don’t have Google Chrome, visit this page and click Download Chrome.

Step 2: Sign up

Navigate to the Dapper icon which should appear in the right corner and click Sign up. Enter your email address, create a save password and click Get started. Type in your phone number to receive a one-time verification code via text and confirm your verification code. Click the link that has been sent to your email address to complete the setup.

If you ever lose your device or password, Dapper offers account recovery without having access or control over your funds.

Step 3: Rescue Kit

The rescue kit works as a backup if you can’t access your wallet. Save your rescue kit by clicking Download your Rescue Kit. Finally, paste the recovery code from the document in the blank field.

Store your rescue kit on an external hard drive or on an USB stick for additional security.

If you encounter any problems, visit Dapper’s FAQ page and their help center. Additionally, you can submit a request.

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