How to mine crypto with CPU/GPU using is the largest cryptocurrency mining marketplace, which connects sellers and buyers of computer hashing power. Follow the steps below to mine crypto with your CPU/GPU. If you want to use NiceHash OS or connect your ASIC device, visit NiceHash’s help center for instructions.

Warning: Stay away from phishing sites that replicate! Make sure that the URL begins with https:// and check the correct spelling.

sign up nicehash

Step 1: Create an account

Go to, enter your email address and a password. Choose your country and confirm that the selected country is correct. Agree to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, and click CREATE ACCOUNT.

You may enable 2-Factor Authentication for additional security here:

sign up nicehash
download miner nicehash

Step 2: Download Miner

Go to to get the latest version of NiceHash Miner. Click Download NiceHash Miner x.x.x.xx installer and open the file. Agree to the Terms of Service, choose a default language and wait for the binaries to download.

If this file is considered malicious by your browser, read this help center article.

download miner nicehash
miner nicehash

Step 3: Setup

Choose a suitable server location and enter your Bitcoin mining address which is also your Bitcoin deposit address at NiceHash. Last but not least, select your devices and click Start All. You can view your stats on this page:

miner nicehash

In case you encounter any problems, visit NiceHash’s help center. Additionally, you can submit a ticket.