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A reddit user by the name of ProudBitcoiner, which is the apparent owner of 0xe6e2e0Cf5d2686D73ABD7d3BA24F46AD5EB31819, unintentionally paid 23.5172 Ether for a $ 120 Uniswap transaction on November 4, 8 pm +UTC. On average, the fee for Ethereum transactions is about 1 or 2 dollars.

Help needed! I payed 23.5172 ETH ($9500) for $120 Uniswap transaction by mistake


I thought that this kind of things happen to others, but I was wrong. Ethermine mined the block with this transaction, do I have any options or not? I contacted Ethermine on Twitter, not sure would they help me…

After ProudBitcoiner published his reddit post, he then writes in the comment section that Metamask didn’t populate the “Gas Limit” field with the correct amount in his previous transaction which therefore failed. He decided to change it manually in the following transaction, but instead of typing 200000 in “Gas Limit” input field, he wrote it on the “Gas Price” input field, so he payed 200.000 GWEI for that transaction.

Ethermine, an Ethereum mining pool, confirmed the transaction within 30 seconds and collected the enormous fee of 23.5172 ETH (~$ 10.700 by the time of writing).

Interestingly, this transaction fee wasn’t the highest paid in 2020. Two consecutive transactions paid 10.688 ETH in fees each, which is the equivalent of $ 4.750.000.

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